“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” - Mark Twain

A nice, warm letter from a friend who has taken the time to write to you… Imagine receiving 10, 20, 50 such letters all at once, penned by your friends and collected in an elegant book. Wouldn’t you love such a gift? Why not offer it to someone you love?
Invite others to write, from the comfort of their homes, a letter for a mutual friend. We will turn these precious words into an invaluable gift: a book of love & appreciation.


What kind of book can you create?

Feel proud of making someone happy.
Share your love. Get others ignited.

How much does it cost?

On-line book
Available online for 30 days
This option is ideal if you prefer, at least for the time being, to have your book in digital form rather than on paper. The book recipient will be able to leisurely leaf through his or her gift on our website and at no cost, for an entire month! Download PDF for $10.
The cost-effective choice
You want something that your loved one will be able to feel and touch; a printed book coming at an affordable price and sheltering, under its attractive softcover, the letters you have collected for him or her. Look no further!
Our flagship option
This is definitely the book model you should go for if you wish to offer a nicely designed hardcover with an elegant dust jacket. Page after page, your letters of love and appreciation will shine forth and touch the right chord.
The last word in letter books
This is our top-notch hardcover version. By choosing this option, you get to see and retouch the letters within the book itself. And for a very reasonable fee, our team can help you with text formatting and image editing until your book is ready for delivery!
Please allow 21 days for printing and shipping your book.
We are committed to quality. If you are not happy with the quality of the book we will fully refund you, or reprint at no cost to you.

Our story

how it all started...

It all started when Agustin wanted to surprise Anita with a birthday present. He got in touch with all of her friends and loved ones scattered all over the globe...
By the time Anita's birthday arrived, the website Agustin created had 85 letters for her, from 35 different cities and 10 different countries. Letters from friends she hadn't seen in decades. Imagine her surprise, and her joy. It was, she said, the best birthday present ever.
  • Obama
    I extend my deep thanks for your thoughtful gift. The time and effort you put into collecting these notes is much appreciated.
    Barack Obama, 
    President of the United States
  • Vanessa-cerillo
    “[The book of letters] brought tears to the eyes of several of us on staff. It was the perfect send-off for a man who has touched so many people over the course of his career behind the microphone.
    Vanessa Cerillo, 
    Director of Marketing New England Public Radio
  • Pat-cadigan
    My friend is overwhelmed by the messages and photos she received. This is a wonderful website. (…) I bet you make a lot of people happy. This was a really enjoyable experience - I know I'll be doing it again.
    Pat Cadigan, 
    Science-fiction writer, 2013 Hugo Award winner
  • Ivonne-paris
    Our entire organization was looking forward to providing our departing president with a heartfelt memento of his years of service with us. The beautiful design and ease of use of your site seemed a perfect fit for our needs.
    Ivonne Paris, 
    Marketing Manager - Celebrity Cruises
  • Justin-mclean
    FromABirdie was the perfect gift for my fiance's 30th. We collected messages from family, friends and colleagues and put them together in a beautifully bound book. It was a unique experience that she'll treasure forever.
    Justin McLean, 
    Director of Multicultural Affairs - Meadowbrook School of Weston
  • Tracy-choate
    She said it was the absolute best gift we could’ve ever given her. She laughed, cried, and enjoyed every minute of her stories. Thanks so much for creating a site that can make such a difference in a person’s life!
    Tracy Choate, 
    Technology Facilitator - Bossier Parish Schools
  • No-photo
    Your website has given lots of people a chance to 'be there' from the distance. My parents will really cherish these letters ... and their grandchildren will as well as the years pass.
    Karen P., 
    Physician - Denver, CO
  • Ben-loss
    We were both really impressed with the amount of effort and thought that people put into the letters, and the different approaches that people took, with minimal guidance and instruction.
    Ben Loss, 
    Engineering Manager
  • Liz-traison
    Thank you so much for providing the service to allow me to send this beautiful gift. I've been a contributor and an organizer, and it's really such a beautiful and meaningful way to say "we love you"
    Liz Traison, 
  • No-photo
    I want to let you know that it was a huge success. My husband was overwhelmed with happiness. What a great thing you have done. Wonderful idea!
    Linda Rosenfeld, 
Great gifts don´t require lots of money. They don´t require big boxes. All great gifts require is the behind them.